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J.Lane't is releasing a soulful, sultry & refreshing, R&B EP entitled "Javon" anticipated to drop June 3rd & music video to release on May 26, 2019! 

It's pronounced "Jay La-Nay"


Get to know...

Singer/ Songwriter, Producer, J.Lane't ! She mixes her training in Classical, the fun of R/B, and her passion and conviction of Gospel to create a sound unlike any other! She's also a phenomenal public speaker that encourages and uplifts people of all ages to pursue their God given dreams by using their God given abilities.


Let's spark some "Conversations"

J.Lane't released her very FIRST album "Conversations"  in January 2018! This album has people of all backgrounds, cultures, and countries to embrace love, family, and Christ on a whole different level. Crossing boundaries that no one expected, but opening the hearts of everyone of her listeners. 

Now, switching gears a bit she is bringing soul music and R &B BACK with her highly anticipated EP "Javon". Inspired by a few of her favorite artists: Aretha Franklin, India.Arie, and Jill Scott, this is sure to be a rewarding piece of art and pleasant surprise to everyone's ears. 


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