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J.Lane't and Friends

Will Fabing


Producer/Engineer Will Fabing is known for blending technique and style to create music. Drawing from over a decade spent beat making, engineering, and producing Will is able to create and capture dynamic performances and transform them into single piece of art. With mixes that not only deliver punch and body, but satisfy the ebs and flows of an arrangement, you’ll experience a sound that will transport you to the vibe.

Will Fabing was classically trained as a percussionist and received a certificate in Sound Technologies. 

He is well versed in Pro Tools both on PC and Mac platforms, has worked with Logic, Cubase and is highly skilled in sequencing software such as FL Studio.

Will’s focus in recent years has been in areas of Hip Hop / RnB / Pop genres, but he also enjoys working other styles of music such as EDM and other cross genre experimentation. 

His passion for music is driven by a strong desire to help artists and producers alike to achieve their overall vision for a particular project.

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Bryonte' Floyd


Guitarist, drummer and producer Bryonte' Floyd, has worked with several artists including J.Lane't  and toured with his band on the infamous "Warp Tour" in 2013. 

Bryonte's genres of work include Gospel, RnB, Rock, and Hip Hop. For more information or to work with this up and coming musician/ producer email

D. Boykins


D.Boykins is a social media enthusiast and travel influencer . Her brand "Jetsetting On A Budget" is growing and getting people of all ages excited about traveling all over the world. Click below to learn more.

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